The very first SUPERHERO OPERA for students!

Now in it's third official year, Operation Superpower: Discovering your Superpower has been performed for over 50,000 students in more than 100 shows throughout the USA and Canada, and has built partnerships with the Canadian Opera Company, The Juilliard School, Young Audiences and Opera Saratoga. Operation Superpower was conceived from the idea that the art form of opera has untapped potential. This potential lies within the seemingly superhuman power and emotional intensity of operatic singing, and it's ability to communicate a long-lasting positive message. Operation Superpower will inspire audiences to believe in themselves and each other, while also helping to build the future of this art form.

While Operation Superpower can be performed in many ways, it was specifically designed to be performed by university level opera singers for grade school audiences. Opera Singers just beginning their careers have a superhuman amount of energy and passion for their art form which can be contagious with young audiences. When channeled through our program, this energy can become a catalyst for inspiration, confidence building and positivity.

Our hope is to collaborate with organizations including, but not limited to:

  • Opera Companies
  • Children's Theaters
  • Universities/Performing Arts Schools - K-12 Schools



An Operation Superpower performance features OPERATIC SUPERHEROES performing for students in an unforgettable interactive school assembly!



With our superpowers combined, we can take a stance against BULLYING. Operation Superpower addresses bullying through stories about overcoming difficult social situations, finding inner strength and building friendships.



OPERATION SUPERPOWER strives to inspire all students to discover their SUPERPOWERS and FOLLOW THEIR DREAMS! We have seen students with incredible superpowers ranging from drama to drawing, sports and music, and especially kindness and friendship!


A SUPERPOWER is a student's inner talent and a SUPERHERO is one who uses that talent to help others!


"Operation Superpower is a wonderful combination of good music, youthful expression, popular culture, and important values. Even adult audiences enjoy it and young audiences find it easy to identify and interact with because of its compelling material and performers."

George Stelluto, Music Director of the Peoria Symphony and sponsor of the initial Operation Superpower residency

"Operation Superpower is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when creativity, passion and a genuine level of care are united to heighten awareness of music and humanity! Bravo to the creators who have the courage to dare."

Mary Lou Falcone, Publicist for Major International Institutions

"Risk-takers… a huge success."

Musical America Directory 2012

"At least twice a week we have done something that has extended off of the arts and education program Operation Superpower, all about the students strengths and how they are celebrating their differences... I definitely think Operation Superpower had a huge impact on the children, giving them a jump start on how they would handle themselves in a bullying situation."

Amy Sullivan, Teacher at Hemlock School


Superhero Training!


A fun operatic vocal warm-up that gives students a chance for their voices to be heard!


A guided meditation where all students imagine using their superpowers to help others.


Courage, Hope, Honesty, Imagination and Friendship – the pillars of becoming a superhero. These values are expressed through a series of call and response phrases.


Students volunteer to share their amazing superpowers!


Everyone in the room joins in this exciting vocal activity that builds to a huge crescendo!


Every student receives an official SUPERHERO STICKER at the end of the show, signifying his or her SUPERHERO graduation!


The Creators



Hometown: Garden City, NY

Superpower: Composing music!

Favorite OpSup Moment: Collaborating with my friends and performing for audiences with undiscovered superpowers!



Hometown: Rochester, NY

Superpower: Opera Singing

Favorite OpSup Moment:
It is hard to choose just one, but one of my favorite moments was the time we showed up for a show in NJ and the entire school including the teachers were wearing superhero shirts! They were so prepared and excited to have us!



Hometown: Mullica Hill, NJ

Superpower: Opera Singing & Cooking!

Favorite OpSup moment:
When all the students in the audience were chanting Peter's name after the show was over! PETER PETER PETER!




Hometown: Upper Darby, PA

Superpower: Piano

Favorite OpSup Moment:
Every time a child said their superpower was "helping people"






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